Work The Party Mixxx

Don't you laugh at me!!!

So, I was talking to this dude and he says, "Hey, why don't you post one of those long mixes that you do?",
and I said, "Really, are you sure?",
and he says, "You got nothing better to do,"
and I said, "You know, you're right. But what if they don't like it?"
He says, "Oh, it's ok. I don't think they liked the others,"
and I say, "Well, if they didn't like those, why would I post another one?"
He says, "They need a good chuckle! It brightens their day!"

"Gee, thanks!"

Darryl Von Rokk - "Work The Party Mixxx"

Here is the tracklist:

Kaysh - "Drug Induced Sex (Kid Dub Loves Kinky Sex Mix)"
Sandy W - "Bleep (2008 Original Mix)"
Smart Alec - "The Look (2007 original mix)"
DJ Disciple - "Work It Out (2008 Klaas Remix)"
Orson - "Aint No Party (Seamus Haji Big Love Club Mix)"
John Morley - "Naughty (klaas remix)"
Sixty 9 vs. Discodrive - "Rainbow (2007 dj fierce extended mix)"
Ben Delay - "Radio"
Rob Boskamp - "In The Evening (2006 mark simmons remix)"
Pierre de la Touche - "In the Name of Love (2006 club mix)"
Rocka n Cameron - "Supply The Love"
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