Crash the Party Mixxx

I've been really lax in posting my mixxxes, so I will start with one of the older ones because I like it.....and it still sounds fresh, IMO!

  1. Mark Morrïson - Return of the Mack (spencer & hïll remix)
  2. Kläas vs Haddaway - What is Love (fee dee bootleg mix)
  3. Dab feat. Sushy - Grease (diego abaribi & paolo sandrini club mix)
  4. Aerosmith - Dream On (BeMax & whilliam rise remix)
  5. Laurant Wolf - Walk the Lïne (club mix)
  6. Funkerman - Fallïng in love (rec & rec extended remix)
  7. Ultra Flïrt - The tïme is now (max k remix)
  8. Sir-G feat. DeeCee - I Can Dream About You (extended mix)
  9. Alkatraz - Abracadabra (boost extended mix)
  10. Detroit Inc. - Turn me loose (extended club mix)
  11. Bon Jovï - You Give Love (nikko v club remix)

Darryl Von Rokk - "Crash the Party Mixxx"

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